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Strength for Today - Devotional Book

Hardcover / 374 Pages / Full Color / ISBN: 978-0-9864-2911-8

In today’s fast-paced world, many Christians find it challenging to spend time alone with God. They are often too tired, too busy, or too stressed to make time for spiritual food. And yet, it is our relationship with God that sustains, strengthens, and empowers us to accomplish great things! These devotions were written specifically to take just one minute to bring you into the presence of God. You’re sure to be blessed as you read each inspiring message.

Unlike your typical devotional with a reading for each day of the year, Strength for Today is timeless. You can read one page each day or use the index to find a topic that speaks to your life at that moment. Over and over, you will find words of comfort to share with friends or loved ones who may be facing a crisis. 

Strength for Today overflows with encouragement and inspiration. On each page, you will find a message of hope and love that will lift your heart toward heaven.

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Strength for Today - Daily Prayer Journal

One of the greatest privileges of prayer is intercessory prayer. When we pray for others, we’re asking God to work in their lives, to perform miracles, and to bring them closer to Him. Never give up praying for someone just because your prayer is not being answered the way you want or on your timetable. Remember, God’s timing is perfect! Trust that your prayers are being answered according to God’s perfect will. We cannot pray too much for our friends and loved ones! And God will honor our prayers even long after we are gone. So don’t give up! Keep praying, for it is when we pray for others that God’s power is released in their lives! — Brenda Walsh


Author Brenda Walsh

About Brenda Walsh

Brenda Walsh is the president of Brenda Walsh Ministries and has also produced and hosted the popular Kids Time and Kids Time Praise television programs. Brenda is a best-selling author of many books, including her life story, “Battered to Blessed,” a five-volume set of children’s books entitled “Miss Brenda’s Bedtime Stories,” and a devotional book, “Moments with God.” She is a producer, musician, chef, artist, registered nurse, and a dynamic speaker, traveling around the world speaking at churches, public events, camp meetings, women’s and children’s retreats, and wherever God leads her.

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